DEMAND is a broadspectrum professional strength insecticide that provides effective knockdown and long lasting control of common insect pests for up to 12 months.

• Fast knockdown
• Excellent residual action
• Wide range of pests listed on label
• Works on a wide range surfaces
• Economic application
• Water-based
• Low odour and non-staining
• HACCP certified
• Can be directly applied to shrubs and ornamental plants controlling mosquitoes for up to 10 weeks




Mosquitos can be more than an annoyance. They can carry serious diseases such as Dengue, Zika, Ross River Fever, Brahma Virus and Murray Valley Encephalitis.

There are over 80 species of mosquito in Australia[ref 1]. Each of these species of Mosquitos can be responsible for spreading the above different virus or disease. It is only the female Mosquito that bites humans and pets for a blood meal, so she can lay her eggs, so the Mosquito species survives.

Globally, the primary vector of the Zika virus is, Aedes aegypti. This mosquito has been found in the Australia for many of years but recently only in Queensland. Often referred to as container-breeding mosquito, Aedes aegypti has the following traits:

  • Go through complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa and adult
  • Can complete their life cycle in as little as 7 days (depending on temperature and humidity)
  • Have a flight range of several hundred metres
  • Are daytime biters
  • Rest in shady areas, and in vegetation less than 3 metres tall

Mosquito treatment best practices to increase revenue

Mosquito treatments can be a great addition to a pest controller’s service offer due to the excellent revenue vs cost and the potential upsell to the homeowner while you are already on site doing other internal/external treatments. It is important to be properly trained and have the right equipment to deliver quality service to your customers. One important factor that most pest controllers do not understand with mosquito treatment is that you are treating an area (or vector), and not actually spraying mosquitos.

You should understand key integrated pest management techniques before offering mosquito services, such as thorough inspections, source reduction and larval and adult control with proper application equipment.

Effective mosquito management should also include the following:

  • Customer education
  • Knowing local pest species and behaviours
  • Knowledge of the biology and ecology of target pests
  • Knowing local council and state regulations
  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE)

Many different types of equipment are available for applying a mosquito treatment. However, when doing an adulticide application a backpack blower/mister allows the pest controller to easily adjust the volume applied and move the nozzle quickly to direct treatment to targeted areas. It is crucial that this ‘mist’ application relies on circulated air from the blower, as well a larger droplets from the mister. These droplets are larger than those from a spray wand and tip (e.g. 6504 or X-8 etc.). This equipment also allows precise treatments that avoid drift to non-target areas.

For excellent adult mosquito control results, use a residual contact insecticide, such as DEMAND Insecticide which will control adults at the time of the treatment. DEMAND will also provide residual control for up to 90 days outdoors due to the iCap encapsulation technology, protecting the active ingredient from degradation by environmental factors such as UV light and rain.

It is both the knockdown and residual aspects of DEMAND that allows it to provide excellent control of mosquitoes. In order to provide A Life Uninterrupted for your customers we suggest that you offer a DEMAND mosquito spray as an add-on to your routine service calls.

What’s mosquito control worth to your business?

The long, hot days of summer are finally at our doorstep, which means the Australian mosquito season is upon us.

As urban pests, mosquitoes cause significant headaches for commercial businesses and residents alike – not to mention the health risk they pose as carriers of diseases such as the Ross River virus, or dengue fever in the north of Australia.

When the problem becomes too hard to solve with a dose of citronella, many start searching the market for an effective solution. Research shows there’s a demand for mosquito control, as a US study found home-owners who experienced a 73% reduction in mosquito exposure through treatment were willing to pay for that service on a regular basis. For managers of public spaces – for example, councils in charge of amenities and landscaped public areas – the need to eradicate mosquitoes is even greater. Pest managers who can offer high quality, long-lasting control are worth their weight in gold.

The value of insecticide treatments

Including a barrier insecticide as part of your control program is ideal, given mosquitoes like to rest in shaded areas created by ornamental plants and outdoor furniture.

One highly effective treatment on the market is DEMAND, Syngenta’s residual barrier insecticide spray.

Thanks to a new label extension approved by the APVMA, DEMAND can now be used on ornamental plants and shrubs, as well as DEMAND’s existing applications on hard surfaces, outdoor furniture, under decks and in plant pots.  

DEMAND’s wide range of uses has two benefits: it can improve your service to existing customers, and it can help you grow new business – whether it’s homes, residential complexes, council-owned parks, or restaurants with alfresco dining.

Technology brings increased residual properties

Another crucial factor in any mosquito control program is its residual properties: how long it delivers results.

Syngenta uses iCap technology to extend DEMAND’s residual effect. iCap packages DEMAND’s active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, in dual-walled, multi-sized microcaps. When a surface is treated, more than 64,000 microcaps per square metre stick to the treated surface. As insects land, the microcaps attach to their waxy cuticles and spread to other insects. The smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly, resulting in fast knockdown. The larger microcaps remain intact longer, releasing the active ingredient for up to 90 days. This is what gives DEMAND its long-lasting effect. If used correctly, you can control mosquitoes and other insect pests with reapplication intervals of no more than 10 weeks.

These qualities – a wider range of uses that includes ornamental foliage and long-lasting results – make DEMAND an ideal solution to the problem of mosquitoes. Your customers will be able to enjoy their summer and get on with life uninterrupted, while you build a pest control business that is known for delivering results.

Demand optimal spider control

Spiders are a nuisance pest and when temperatures drop in Autumn, spiders become more active and more noticeable as they move indoors to find shelter from colder weather. Treating spiders with products that rely on contact can be tricky as some spiders (particularly web builders) may travel without making much body contact with a treated surface. Because of the limited contact that webbing spiders have with treated surfaces, applications should be directed primarily at areas where spiders live or rest, rather than areas they transit. These areas can include:

  • Corners of windows, closets or rooms where these web-building spiders often exist.
  • Cornice, floor/wall junctures, vents and sill plate/header areas.
  • Around UMR garage entries (roller-door) and crawlspaces in the sub-floor and roof.
  • Detached workshops, garden or tool sheds and pool pump areas, especially at the ceiling wall junctures, above the overhead door gaps and windows. In fact any entry points around windows, doors and utility/service penetrations or weep holes for exterior treatments.
  • Structural components, (e.g. posts , stumps, piers), flooring, active webs and around harborages in ceiling voids, taking care not to direct sprays onto stored materials, or consider sealed storage options.
  • Garden beds, rock walls, masonry and stone work, sleepers, compost bins and stored items etc.

DEMAND with iCAP™ technology greatly improves the chances of a spider acquiring a lethal dose of the insecticide. The formulation slow releases microcaps of multiple sizes and can deliver up to 1,500 microcaps per square centimeter of a surface, which makes it extremely difficult for a spider to avoid. These polymer microcaps not only protect the active ingredient but also mask the repellency of the SP, so the insect is not able to sense the A.I. until after it has collected a lethal dose. These microcaps can become lodged in a spider’s tarsal claws or the tufts of hairs between claws, as well as on other hair follicles on a spider’s legs

DEMAND is a versatile liquid residual spray that can be applied to control spiders and a range of other insect pests as a spot spray, crack-and-crevice or perimeter exterior banded application. DEMAND can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide immediate and longer term residual control for up to three months in exterior applications, and up to 12 months for interior control.

DEMAND contains the trusted 4th generation SP (synthetic pyrethroid) lambda-cyhalothrin. All the target pests of DEMAND require differing concentrations of the active ingredient, so please refer to the label before application for concentrations (e.g. clear-out/initial treatment or maintenance sprays). Consideration should also be given to the differing surface types that are to be treated (e.g. tile, brick, concrete or powder coated steel etc.).

Provide your customers an environment free from crawling and biting insects as well as spiders with the proven efficacy of iCAP Technology and demand Syngenta DEMAND when you are next ordering from your local pest product distribution outlet.

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