vet-tec Fluid Feeder - 2L

Fight dehydration quickly and safely by drench feeding. Recommended procedure for rehydration of stressed cattle. Easy to use, single person application. Comes with teat.

RRP $43.95

.5kg Pink FeedMaxx Scoop

Agboss FeedMaxx scoop are designed and manufactured in Australia. Able to scoop to the bottom and corners of most feed bins due to its unique shape. Reinforced handle resists rough handling. Made from food-grade UV resistant polypropylene.

RRP $5.88

1.6kg/58oz Aluminium Scoop

The Un-Bustable Aluminium Feed Scoop by AgBoss is a super strong feed scoop that will last a lifetime. Like all AgBoss products this feed scoop will live up to to the levels of quality you have grown to know.

RRP $32.95

Tattoo Outfit Standard 3/8" Complete

Standard 3/8" Versatile, economical instruments with heavy-duty construction used for permanent animal identification. The large pliers hold four digits, the small pliers hold five digits. Each aluminium alloy set comes with digits 0-9 and 30z of ink.

RRP $126.50

Vet-tec Calf Puller (Vink Style)

This Vink-style calf puller provides a smooth pull, evenly distributed between both forelegs thus almost eliminating injury. This calf puller can not slip out of position. Made from non-magnetic stainless steel with soft silk rope. The pole length is

RRP $587.95

vet-tec OB Chain 30"/762mm

High quality Obstetric accessories are a comfortable fit for any delivery. These durable, high-strength chains are zinc plated with an added rust inhibitor. Available in two convenient lengths.

RRP $23.95

vet-tec Saw Wire 12m

Abrasive wire for dehorning. Good quality 12mlong wire in plastic case. Handles sold separately (see below).

RRP $31.95