Fences protect us from unwanted intrusions and are critical to the security and maintenance of a property. As a result, fences also take the proverbial brunt of elements- both natural and otherwise. Maintaining a fence can prove costly, with continuous maintenance and if you have got to call a handyman every single time, then you might find your pocket significantly lighter. So, why not bring the entire fencing business in-house and start doing it yourself! With AgBoss’ range of fencing tools, anyone can repair and build fences like a pro. We have an entire set of tools starting from protective gear like leather rigger gloves and axe safety glasses to professional fencing equipment like heavy duty bolt cutters and electrical wire twisting tools. All the products come from leading brands like Crescent, Marco Pesaro and SafeCorp, while AgBoss’ very own premium range is present. All products are thoroughly tested for durability, quality and safety and are extremely user friendly so that just about anyone can use them.