Insect, Ant & Fly Trap's

Insect Glue Traps - 2pk

AgBoss twin pack is safe and easy to use for both domestic and commercial premises. Super sticky, no insects will get away guaranteed! 140 x 210mm. For high density area, join traps together

RRP $4.95

Talon Ant Gel - 5g

Broad spectrum. Total colony control. Targeted ant bait for professional pest management on a broad range of ant species.

RRP $9.96

Fly Trap

Durable plastic 1.3 litre traps hold up to 6,000 flies Insecticidefree - ideal for use around livestock operations. Reusable. Your AgBoss Fly Trap won’t rust when exposed to the elements and ammonia. Handle makes trap easy to hang. Includes a non-t

RRP $23.95

Demand CS Insecticide - 1000ml

A broadspectrum insecticide with fast knockdown and excellent residual properties. Using advanced technology, this product has 12 month indoor residual activity and up to 3 months outdoors. No odour, visible residue. Performs on most surfaces.

RRP $106.95