Garden & Farm Tools

AgBoss 20 Tine Stable Rake Fibreglass Handle

The Agboss 20 tine stable fork is light weight and is designed to rake/fork/shovel manure, straw, saw dust, mulch, bark, wood chip etc. Constructed with tough tempered steel tines, curved to make raking and pick up easy. A favorite with horse lovers all o

RRP $47.95

AgBoss Knife & Tool Sharpener

Sharpen knives in seconds, Including serrated knives, cleavers, axes, machetes, and many other cutting tools. The larger Newly designed handle fits either hand securely & safely. Includes counter display

RRP $19.95

AgBoss Orange Plastic Grain Shovel

The AgBoss LoadMaxx Grain Shovel is an industrial strength,unique one piece plastic shovel. As you would expect from AgBoss Australian made products, they’re tough, they’re strong and they’re made to last. Light and hygienic and will never rust, splin

RRP $65.94

AgBoss Square Shifting Shovel - D Handle

The AgBoss Square Shifting Shovel with fibreglass D handle is a general use shovel with a wide square mouth for carrying more dirt. It has a strong handle and can also be used as a grain shovel. This shovel has Power-Tred foot treads for safer traction an

RRP $59.95

AgBoss Post Hole Shovel Square Long Handle

The Agboss post hole shovel is a great general purpose shovel for drains, mixing work, digging and clearing holes and pits, fencing and shallow trench digging. Power-Tred for safer foot traction and increased soil penetration. Long handle for extra lever

RRP $59.95

AgBoss Garden Fork - D Handle

This non-slip D-handle fork is designed for digging, cultivating and turning over soil. With a welded steel head, fibreglass handle with steel core and rivet and steel collar connection, strength and durability are assured. Garden Fork for heavy soils and

RRP $64.95

AgBoss Post Hole Pincers Long Handle

Long handle post hole pincer suitable for digging post and in-ground support holes and for planting trees and shrubs. It offers unique scissor action and handles with a long operating leverage range to ensure knuckles don’t get crushed.

RRP $89.95

Mattock - 900mm

Quality Australian made spotted gum hardwood handles, iodised to minimise ageing and to help reduce warping and mould build up.

RRP $34.95

AgBoss Post Hole Shovel Round Long Handle

Super strong fibreglass handle and a rivet and steel collar connection to ensure strength and durability. Power-Tred for safer foot traction and increased soil penetration. Long handle for extra leverage.

RRP $59.95

Axe Wedge (40wx45mm)

Ideal for splitting difficult logs and posts longitudinally. Forged from high carbon steel, ribbed and fully pointed, it has a chamfered head to contain burring.

RRP $4.95