10 fun statistics about farms in Australia

Author: Scott Jensen   Date Posted:14 March 2023 

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Here are 10 fun statistics about farms in Australia:

  1. There are approximately 134,000 farms in Australia, covering a total land area of 385 million hectares.

  2. The average size of an Australian farm is 2,384 hectares, which is much larger than the average farm size in other countries.

  3. Australia is the world's largest wool producer, with more than 70 million sheep and lambs.

  4. The Australian dairy industry produces more than 9 billion liters of milk each year.

  5. Australia is the world's third-largest beef exporter, with exports valued at more than $8 billion.

  6. There are more than 36 million hectares of forest and woodland on Australian farms, providing important habitat for wildlife.

  7. The Australian agricultural sector is worth more than $60 billion per year and employs approximately 310,000 people.

  8. Queensland is the largest agricultural state in Australia, followed by New South Wales and Victoria.

  9. The most common crops grown in Australia include wheat, barley, canola, cotton, sugarcane, and fruits and vegetables.

  10. Approximately 98% of Australian farms are family-owned and operated, with an average of two generations working on the farm.