Facts about the Australian Dairy Industry

Author: Scott Jensen   Date Posted:17 March 2023 

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Here are some facts about the Australian dairy industry:

  1. Australia is the world's 7th largest milk producer, producing over 9 billion litres of milk annually.

  2. Dairy farming is an important industry in many regions of Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

  3. The Australian dairy industry is made up of over 6,000 dairy farms, ranging in size from small family-owned operations to large corporate farms.

  4. The majority of dairy cows in Australia are Holstein-Friesian, with smaller numbers of Jersey, Guernsey, and other breeds.

  5. The Australian dairy industry is highly export-oriented, with over 40% of milk produced being exported to countries such as China, Japan, and Singapore.

  6. The industry generates over $4 billion in export earnings annually, making it a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

  7. The Australian dairy industry is heavily regulated, with strict standards around milk production, animal welfare, and food safety.

  8. The industry has faced some challenges in recent years, including drought, fluctuating milk prices, and increased competition from imported dairy products.

  9. The Australian Dairy Farmers Association is the peak industry body representing dairy farmers in Australia, advocating for the interests of dairy farmers at a national and international level.

  10. Many Australian dairy farmers are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices, including pasture-based farming, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting animal welfare.

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